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One thing I love to do while traveling is to find interesting foods and culture that is unique to the area. Today, I am introducing VooDoo Doughnuts from Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon is known for its weirdness and it is proud to be weird. I love that about the city. Everywhere you go, there are interesting finds waiting to be discovered. For example, I saw a food truck named, “Steaks Fifth Avenue.” :)IMAG1932

I’m holding their most famous and most distinguishable of their doughnuts which is their most famous, VooDoo Doll Doughnut. Each doughnut are uniquely decorated. I got the one with a stake in his heart. While you are in line, check out their interior, the stained glass and other odd trinkets and decor.IMAG1930  There are a variety of choices, but the VooDoo Doll Doughnut cannot be missed!IMAG1926

I swung by the Old Town shop and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But speaking of doughnuts, the best doughnuts I’ve ever had are not here, but in Manhattan, NY. I shall introduce it next time.IMAG1928

22 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204
Neighborhood: Old Town – Chinatown

(503) 241-4704