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Macarons are one of my favorite desserts, but after making them myself, I decided it’s better to share when I have a big batch on my hand (it’s sugar heavy). This was an overnight delivery from my friend in LA who purchased it from Lette in Beverly Hills. Instead of plating the macarons as is, you can make it fancier by plating them on a two-tier plate.


like so. Make sure your hands are clean and dry and have a steady hand to hold the macarons in place while you add more. The circle is tricky to accomplish and it takes a little bit of skill, but in no time, voila! Doesn’t it just look absolutely gorgeous now?


Place the tower next to indirect sunlight to enhance its presentation. This was for an afternoon tea event that I never had the chance to post. Here it is :) Maybe this can be your centerpiece when you decide to host a party of your own.IMAG2414